What is Waveski surfing

Waveski surfing

Waveski surfing is a dynamic water sports that combines the power of the paddle with the agility of a sit-on-top kayak and the performance of a surfboard. You paddle through the surf, and wait there until a beautiful wave comes. When that comes, you go surfing the wave.

A waveski resembles a large surfboard, with addition of a seat, foot ties and a belt. This makes the rider stable and can be made into an "Eskimo roll".

Even in/on the North Sea the sport can be practiced well. Depending on the waves, the tide and the wind are the best places in the Netherlands: Vlissingen, Domburg, Scheveningen, Wijk Aan Zee, Hargen and the Wadden Islands. Under good conditions you can also go fine in Slufter, Hoek van Holland, View Dune, Zandvoort, Castricum, Bergen Aan Zee or Petten.

Just across the border, at our southern neighbours, Surfers Paradise and Blankenberge are beautiful places.

Outside the Low Countries you have a range of possibilities.

The Storm Rider Surf Quides give good information.